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Buyers Meeting Point is pleased to announce a collaborative relationship with IASTA, a global provider of strategic sourcing and spend management solutions. Through the new partnership, Buyers Meeting Point will educate the supply chain community about strategic sourcing and procurement best practices available on IASTA’s eSourcing Wiki, an online open content community founded and sponsored by IASTA.

eSourcing WikiEach Wednesday starting in January 2012, Buyers Meeting Point will feature all or an excerpt from an article from the eSourcing Wiki. In addition, Buyers Meeting Point will post a blog on the topic each week to tie that article directly to current events and industry trends. The posts are created for professional development and the topics are considered to be “fundamentals” for the supply chain community.

“IASTA’s eSourcing Wiki was the first of its kind,” said Melissa Beuc, senior director of product marketing of IASTA. “The eSourcing Wiki was launched in March 2007 as an open source knowledge center for supply management best practices content. The goal was to transform the aspect of information distribution in a way that reflected the changing environment of Internet and community mindshare. Today, IASTA’s eSourcing Wiki continues to serve as a dynamic hub of content to advance the profession of supply management.”

In the conversations they have had with their network, Buyers Meeting Point has found that most supply management professionals augment their skills because of a personal desire to continue developing in order to further their own careers and meet the rising expectations of their organizations. Stopping once each week to review fundamental information that can be tied directly to their scope of responsibility is an efficient way to incorporate learning into a rigorous schedule.

“Wiki-Wednesdays’ have been immensely popular since we started including them in our content line-up, and we see the opportunity to work with the industry specific eSourcing Wiki as a way to bring more targeted information to the forefront,” said Kelly Barner, co-owner of Buyers Meeting Point. “We also hope to further engage our audience to use and contribute to this resource for the betterment of the supply management profession as a whole.”

About eSourcingWiki

eSourcingWiki is an open content community of strategic sourcing and procurement best practices. This wiki is intended to be a dynamic document that constantly adjusts and transforms to current trends and thought leadership in supply management. Iasta welcomes global contributors to assist in the ongoing documentation and knowledge building that is essential to creating useful information for supply management professionals.

About Buyers Meeting Point

Buyers Meeting Point is an online knowledge and professional development resource for procurement and supply management professionals. Our mission is to support overburdened professionals by making information accessible – by centralizing access to resources on our site, by digesting content and evaluating sources looking for the highest quality information, and by making sure all our coverage is done clearly and simply with no presupposition of pre-existing knowledge or experience. There is a world of information available to you and our site and resources provide an avenue for you to gain market knowledge and expertise from others and to apply them where appropriate for your business. Watch our news articles and blog postings for information on webinars, solutions, research reports, publications and whitepapers being discussed by your colleagues. Make sure you get a well-rounded perspective on procurement by reading our Flip Side content featuring "The Sales Guy". We are convinced you will find something among our resources to assist you with your current challenges.


Founded in 2000, IASTA is a team of dedicated sourcing and spend management experts focused on delivering the greatest value through a strategic partnership. IASTA provides guidance and a customized execution plan that dramatically improves visibility, acts as a catalyst for change, mitigates risk and delivers significant results for resource constrained clients. By utilizing IASTA’s deep industry expertise and evolutionary procurement solutions, our clients can create a path for success and encourage cross-functional collaboration to achieve their goals. Tailored to meet our clients’ unique and evolving business needs, both IASTA SmartSource and IASTA SmartAnalytics help teams discover new opportunities by combining spend data with deep sourcing experience to refine costs and mitigate risks in the supply chain. In order to improve sourcing intelligence and track adoption, clients use IASTA Executive Analytics Suite. In addition, IASTA offers both training and augmented services, allowing teams to offload and amplify their efforts to make a greater impact with their company.  For larger Procurement Transformation engagements, clients working with the IASTA Consulting Group often realize an ROI of 15:1 or greater. For more information about IASTA, please visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..