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TwoWelcome to our three week series on the BMP Best of 2011. While things slow down for the holidays, we'll be taking a look back at the most popular articles and blog posts of the year based on our site traffic statistics. Over the course of the three weeks, we will count down to the most popular article of each type in out weekly content schedule. As a reminder, we will be back on January 9th with our first events review and PI Window on Business Blog Talk Radio sound bite of 2012.

We'll also have something new for you this week - a Q&A with Ardent Partners' Managing Partner and Chief Research Analyst Andrew Bartolini.

The Second Most Popular Buyers Meeting Point Articles and Posts of 2011

Tuesday: The Flip Side - Whitepaper Notes: Essential Selling Competencies, the Buyers Side Perspective

Wiki-Wednesday: Supply Chain Management

Thursday: ** NEW: Q&A with Ardent Partners' Andrew Bartolini **

Friday: Event Notes - How to defend profits in “new normal” of input cost volatility

Saturday: Blog Pick - Purchasing's Role in this Economic roller coaster