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esourcingwikilogoThis week's eSourcing Wiki-Wednesday topic is Seven Savors of a Sourcing Sensei: Innovator. An excerpt of the article is below, but you can also read the full article on the eSourcing Wiki. Have something to add? The eSourcing Wiki is an open content community and you are invited to register and contribute to this resource, which benefits our whole professional community.

If you are interested in more, read today's post on 'The Point': Embrace living like a chameleon


A great sourcing leader is an innovator. She knows the name of the game is change and can adapt as the situation requires. She also knows that sometimes the best ideas do not come from within and isn't afraid to reach out to partners and suppliers for suggestions on how to improve operations.

The importance of innovation cannot be underestimated. Consider the article Innovation Key To Manufacturers' Success in Industry Week, for example, that found that (manufacturing) companies focussed on innovation reported returns on sales 50% higher than companies that compete by providing low-cost products.

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