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  Don and Focused Buyer co-founder Tom Middleton are entrepreneurs who have lived and breathed the process of Purchasing & Trading. For decades we have purchased or provided leadership for Purchasing & Trading activities covering multiple billions of dollars of expenditures involving products; direct materials & services (for incl...usion in manufactured product or for resale); indirect goods, tools & services (for maintenance, repair, operating and office needs); and capital equipment required to operate and performance improve businesses. We have created Binding Contracts, under myriads of circumstances, terms & conditions, environments and cultures from almost every corner of the globe. We know what it takes to spend money wisely, safely, securely and with the result that both the Buyer and the Supplier/Seller are receiving fair and appropriate value in the Purchasing & Trading exchange process.   More

Thoughts from a Focused Buyer: Reducing Process Time from Req to PO


The following question and response are in the ISM – Purchasing & Supply Chain Professionals group on LinkedIn. If you would like to join either the group or the ongoing discussion, click here.


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