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Danielle Rosato is a project manager within Source One’s information technology and telecommunications group.  She directs a team of specialists as they work with clients from project kickoff and data gathering through implementation and continued management. Her functions include developing market intelligence, directing communication and int...eractions with client stakeholders and suppliers, telecommunications financial auditing, optimizing process, developing solutions, and in-depth analyses. More

Why Supplier Relationships Go Bad

There has been a lot of focus in the past year on Supplier Relationship Management, and rightfully so. As the efforts of Strategic Sourcing initiatives begin producing diminishing returns, SRM is heralded by most to be the next step: focusing more on delivering value to the organization and developing relationships that can produce competitive advantages in the market. However, an SRM policy is only effective if the proper suppliers are in place, which is why it is routinely classified as the next step after strategic sourcing. There is little value in curating and managing relationships with suppliers that are not firmly aligned with your organization’s strategic goals.

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