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Nicholas Mortimer is a Senior Project Analyst at Source One Management Services, a proven market leader in helping companies implement and optimize their telecom infrastructure while reducing acquisition and management costs. Nicholas is an expert in RFx development, negotiation and management of contracts, project evaluation and monitoring, perfor...ming market research, and development of market assessments.     More

Are Millennials Changing the Face of Procurement?

There are approximately 80 million people in the United States between the age of 18 and 30, a group known as the millennials. Many believe that millennials bring a unique perspective to business as compared to other generations because of their tech savviness. Technology is one of the biggest drivers for globalization, but it also allows disparate locations to connect and communicate on various topics such as current events, special causes, and marketplace trends. Millennials have already started to drive major changes in the sourcing and procurement industry, such as green purchasing, the push for free and collaborative information, and updated workplace abilities.

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