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Since 1992, Source One Management Services has provided customized spend-management solutions, optimizing the efficiency and profitability of their clients through strategic sourcing. Source One is a recognized industry thought leader due to its consultative approach to procurement transformation, optional contingency model, extensive market intell...igence databases, free e-Sourcing tool, and various publications; including a book and the Strategic Sourceror blog.         More

Internal Marketing and Supplier Relationship Management – A 1-2 Punch

This guest post is a team effort from Source One Management Services. If you would like to comment, you can do so by posting below, contacting them on Twitter @GetSavings, or contacting them directly here.

The outlets for procurement and supply chain news have no shortage of recommendations for improved business processes, new ideas, and technologies your department should implement to “modernize” or “optimize” or any number of other “-izes”. If you have read any of Source One’s contributions – here, on other publications, or on our own blog – we make just as many recommendations.

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