Buyers Meeting Point procurement by Kelly Barner

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"The Point" is written by BMP Editor Kelly Barner as well as a diverse group of guest contributors.

Bruce Macfarlane is the founder of Kansoly, a source to pay telecom expense management platform for business. He previously co-founded the ASX listed energy management company, BidEnergy ASX:BID).

Ashley is currently Marketing Manager for Odesma Procurement consultancy and their sister company Procurement PeopleCloud®, running and coordinating every aspect of the Marketing and public relations. Ashley is an active member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and of the Chamber of Commerce, with nine years of Marketing and PR experience both in-house and agency. Ashley’s previous experience involves working on accounts such as Brakes foodservice’s, Lambs navy rum and Apropos aluminium glass structures.

Scott Jancy helps organizations ignite growth. He partners with leaders to help them think creatively, build new sources of value, and stay competitive. Looking at the big picture, he can connect the dots and enable people to anticipate what's coming next. Scott is currently writing a book entitled The Architecture of Business: A Practical Guide to Creative Leadership. He's passionate about the role that design and leadership can play in creating change.

Allie has been a member of the PRO team since 1997 and was recently promoted to COO and EVP. Allie oversees a team that has blazed new trails in developing unique and cutting-edge contingent workforce programs for Fortune 1000 clients with operations in the US and globally. Some of the key milestones that Allie has spearheaded include launching a global MSP offering, creating an industry-first SOW management solution, building an integrated services-technology self-sourcing capability, and continued evolution of PRO's vendor-neutral MSP approach that encompasses thousands of talent and project suppliers.

Brad Martin is Senior Director of Product Marketing at PRO Unlimited.  He has over 15 years in VMS and the Staffing Industry. A veteran in the field, Brad has also held key roles in Product Management, Product Development, Experience Design, and as Founder for a successful startup in the HR/Staffing space.  Follow Brad on Twitter @nextbrad, and also be sure to follow @WandVMS and @PRO Unlimited