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The CPOs Are Rising Indeed

The CPOs Are Rising Indeed

This week I had an extraordinary opportunity to learn from and network with some of the brightest minds in procurement. At the first annual CPO Rising Summit, hosted in Boston, MA by Ardent Partners, over 150 attendees saw and heard a remarkable amount of thought leadership in just two days. The speakers – all accomplished executives from world class companies – shared the lessons they learned on their journey to this point as well as their vision for the future of procurement.

If you missed this year’s event, you can get a glimpse of what was shared in the recap webinar being hosted by Ardent Partners on April 12 (click here to register).


This week also marked the induction of the first three members into the CPO Rising Hall of Fame. Tim Cook, Apple’s former CPO (now CEO) was inducted in absentia, but the other two inductees – Hal Good and Gregg Brandyberry – represent everything that is exciting about procurement. Their work has played no small part in positioning procurement as the value-oriented performance powerhouse we are today.

I had the chance to speak with both inductees during the Summit and in each case I came away with something brand new to think about.


Hal Good

You can’t deny the fact that Hal Good is procurement’s social media rock star. He was Tweeting and connecting on LinkedIn ‘before it was cool’ and as a result he does both better than most people in the profession. The secret to his success in this area, in my opinion at least, is WHY he does it. Hal didn’t build a large LinkedIn group and several dynamic Twitter handles because he knew what they would grow to be or because it would be worth money to anyone. Hal started using social media because he wanted to be able to share interesting ideas and perspectives with colleagues far and wide – social media was just the vehicle for sharing.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes a pure, simple motive produces far more meaningful results than a carefully crafted master plan.


Gregg Brandyberry

I’ve known Gregg for a long time – although in full disclosure, he only just met me on Tuesday. I was a prospective Emptoris customer the first time I heard him speak in 2003, a full customer when I heard him in 2004, and an Emptoris employee every time after that – until this week when I heard him as the conference Media Partner. A lot has changed – my role in the field, the procurement landscape, the technology we’re talking about – but Gregg takes the same steady, positive view he always has. For those of us who invest serious time trying to figure out where the field of procurement is going, his charisma is a reminder to focus on the untapped potential of today rather than worrying about where the chips are going to fall tomorrow.

Lesson Learned: There are going to be a lots of ups and downs in everything you do. Keep your head on straight, and put a smile on your face, and you’ll have a better chance of coming out in one piece on the other side.


The next #CPORising is slated for the fall of 2017, and when the next class of inductees is voted into the CPO Rising Hall of Fame, Hal and Gregg will be among those voting. Cheers to them both and to the brilliant professionals willing to work hard and share their vision with the rest of procurement.


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Sunday, 07 June 2020

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