Blog Pick of the Week: Can I interest you in a game of cards?

Our family loves to play all types of games – cards, board games, volley ball, croquet and so on. This summer we have played a good deal of cribbage. It keeps the ‘mental math’ gears going as well as developing the various strategies and approaches. Of course, sometimes it is just about the luck of the cards you are dealt.

I came across this article by Ed Batista, a leadership coach, called Oblique Strategies. He is discussing a unique strategy developed in 1975 by Peter Schmidt and Brian Eno utilizing 103 messages on individual cards. How wonderful, card games are right up my alley!

They were initially designed for the music industry but have been utilized in all sort of fields at this point.

Many of us are caught up in the tactical tasks – another email, phone call, meeting, spreadsheet, etc. The messages on these cards are meant to inspire you and encourage discussions and thinking in a more strategic way. These cards can be used in a group setting to help with brainstorming, problem solving and setting future direction.

Here are a few of them and the complete list is here:

Here are two videos on Youtube that will outline the use more clearly. The first is an interview with Brian Eno and the second is using them at a business conference.

What does your organization do to encourage thinking in a different way or at a different level? Have you tried the card game?