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Blog Pick of the Week: Get that First Appointment

We have all had the persistent sales account manager who is contacting us multiple times weekly or even daily. That can be incredibly annoying. There is also the time that you answer the phone late in the day and wish you hadn't as someone goes into their sales pitch. Been there, done that!!

So what is it that opens the door for the sales person and the procurement professional is welcoming and thankful they did? How do they get that first appointment

I found this blog from The Center for Sales Strategy interesting as they are coaching sales professionals. Here are a few of the tips:

1. Make it about the customer - not about the product or service. So simple yet so many don't do that.

2. Do your homework and be prepared - I know I love it when a supplier comes in and already knows so much about my organization and a little bit about my challenges. When they don't, I already think they are lazy and looking for a quick easy win. This article even says to be prepared when making that call to just get the appointment. Another simple hint and again, not so many will do the work.

3. Respect their time - everyone is stretched and has so little time. The sales person who respects the time allotted and then sets follow up times is much more likely to get my attention!

What would you say? What makes you take that appointment or stop for a moment - open the door to see what is out there?

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Wednesday, 03 June 2020

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