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Blog Pick of the Week: Is Blackberry an endangered species?

pandabearThis year for the first time, it is not on the top 10 list! Progress! So what does that have to do with Blackberry's that were invented in 1999 - well after the poor Panda Bear was already endangered?

Well, Blackberry soared and was the only and most succesful mobile phone and email device. However, they did not adapt quickly enough and now are facing extinction. So many organizations are starting to offer their employees BYOD (bring your own device). With the iPhone and other smart phone devices, the Blackberry device can not keep up. Employees are choosing other devices, not the Blackberry. This blog by the Strategic Sourceror has some good insight into what is happening to such a successful organization.

Personally I have one of each. My smartphone for everything else and my Blackberry for work email and work phone calls. I do better on email with the Blackberry but maybe that is just my fat fingers.

With this example, how is your role as a procurement professional helping your organization adapt and change to keep up with the times? Are you flexible and making adaptations to your offering as your customer's needs and demands change? Are you staying off the endangered species list or at least moving in the right direction like our friend the Panda Bear? 

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Friday, 28 February 2020

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