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Blog Pick of the Week: Keys to Success

Blog Pick of the Week:  Keys to Success

We all love shortcuts – how can we get something done faster and easier, without as much effort. Sometimes if there is not a shortcut but you are trying a different path, HOPING it will be one, may mean you forget an important step and the result it not what you intended.

What is the shortcut to success? There are many books out there – get rich quick schemes and so on. They sound amazing. Somewhere along the way hard work is involved.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers” , for the wildly successful, there is a measure of dues given that falls in the 10,000 hours range. He talks about the Beatles, Bill Gates and others that stumbled into situations that got them that time of practice in a very concentrated fashion. That certainly qualifies as hard work.

I found this blog The 5 traits of wildly successful people. It suggests that it is not just about the hard work. The five traits are listed below.

  1. Chase the school bus – do something different. Sugar Ray Leonard did not ride the bus to school but ran behind it. In our neighborhood I see a young boy dribbling two basketballs, one in each hand as he and his father walk around the blocks. He is putting in his time and doing something different. Who knows if he will be the next superstar but he is ahead of his peers for sure.
  2. Stray from the Pack – don’t follow the rules and do something different. When I wanted to run for Class Treasurer in high school, no one put out flyers or campaigned. It was just a popularity contest. Well, I put up posters, flyers on every student’s desk and won by a landslide.
  3. Create Corkboards – learn your industry and solve problems that exist and hinder you from getting your work done.
  4. Get on “Qi” time – We all have the same number of hours in the day. It is just a matter of how you spend them and what you are willing to sacrifice and how you set priorities in order to attain success.
  5. Play the People game – know the people, build relationships and really care about them.

What have you found for traits of wildly successful people? Do you see any of these playing out in procurement? Share your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting @buyersmeetingpoint.

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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

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