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Blog Pick of the Week: Leadership Freak

Every day it seems like the task list is longer and harder to cross anything off. More and more meetings, emails, and phone calls keep getting in the way! With that environment, it is certainly difficult to have time for self reflection or to groom your team. When I came across this blog by Leadership Freak, it fit perfectly. It offers various outlooks in 300 words or less. Excellent!

ozThe blogroll is sponsored by Dan Rockwell, executive leadership consultant. You will find information on a large variety of topics such as coaching, conflict resolution, feedback, encouragement. Pretty much all of the subjects pertinent to any organization. We spend a great deal of time discussing strategies and tactical approaches to procurement. Leadership reminders for us are just as important and helpful as for any other field. You can subscribe for a daily reminder to keep it fresh in your chaotic schedule.

Have you seen the classic movie "Wizard of Oz"? You know that throughout that movie, the characters all took turns being the leader and getting the team back on the path home. Everyone one of them had the strength and skill but just had not discovered it yet.  

One topic this week was on encouragement. That was a key ingredient for the Wizard of Oz crew as well. When various obstacles came upon them, they got through it and back onto the "Yellow Brick Road". We are so busy, we rarely stop to encourage our team, suppliers, or each other. How about a sincere "thank you" or "good job". I know I love to receive those and try to deliver them too but often fall short.

Take a  look at this blog. What have you done recently to improve your leadership skills? Any suggestions for us?  

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Friday, 05 June 2020

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