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Blog Pick of the Week: Less is more in business networking

Our theme this week has been networking. We published our newsletter featuring a book on networking and highlighting the "Networking Tips for those who don't like to" on the blog. With that in mind, I read a variety of business blogs and found this one I wanted to share.

Networking to just build a large list of names is not always the most effective approach. Relationship building with a smaller core is a key to strong business development. It does still mean actually talking to someone face to face. I know that can be scary sometimes but it can also be fun. Take a look at this blog and spend the 3 minutes listening to what Dave Clark has to say in Less is more in business networking.

Are you LISTENING to them when they talk to you? Are you asking questions about their business and their problems they are looking to solve. People love to talk and they will remember you as a good conversationalist if you let them do all the talking!

What have you done around this idea for building your business?

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Saturday, 04 April 2020

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