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Blog Pick of the Week: Make a difference to a starfish

Blog Pick of the Week:  Make a difference to a starfish

There is an inspiration story about millions of starfish stranded on the beach and how an old man walking along keeps tossing a few back into the water. There is no way to save all the starfish. However, for some of them, the man picking them up and putting them back in the water does make a HUGE difference.

There is a lot of discussion around obesity in the developed countries and the health issues that ensue because of it. Exercise and a healthy diet with fresh food are promoted many times but donuts, pizza and fried foods prevail. I saw this Ted Talk by Jamie Oliver. It is a phenomenal presentation well worth your time. Jamie is a well known chef in the UK. He is discussing how passionate he is to make a difference for school children and families in the US and then the rest of the developed countries, starting with school children and families. He is a firm believer in the strength of each individual.

So how does this fit into innovation and procurement? There is a lot of discussion in the work place about change, innovation and transformation. Our wiki Wednesday article this week covered the innovation skill for sourcing leadership. Jamie Oliver is trying to innovate in the schools and the food that is served to our children. He mentions changing the school lunch menu which would obviously change the procurement practices at all of the educational facilities.

This week’s wiki Wednesday is Sourcing Scruple Four: Innovation . With that in mind, I saw this blog by Jake Barr and it seemed to follow the theme. It discusses supply chain transformation and the game changing activities that will bring us all to the next decade and perhaps century.

What have you done as an individual to make some change in your organization? What do you see individuals doing in your procurement team to innovate and move to that game changing environment?


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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

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