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Blog Pick of the Week: Marriott's Ultimate Customer Service

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When have you been WOW'd by Customer Service? Why is it so unusual and it often is a simple gesture and something quite small that makes all the difference.

This week I had to call one of the BIG insurance companies about a personnel issue and a claim issue. I thought I was going to have to speak to multiple individuals and tell my story over and over again. That is such a frustrating process.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when they took my preliminary information, the right person called me back within an hour and could handle all of my requests at once. WOW right there!! 

That experience had me looking at blogs this week about customer service. This short video clip fromRoss Shafer about a Marriott experience speaks volumes about how small things really matter. This website - Amazing Service Guy - has other postings with people's stories. Certainly made me pause to reflect on how I am doing servicing my customers as a procurement professional.

How do you manage with your customers, peers and suppliers? Everyone of those roles carries a customer service component to it - follow through, consistency and doing that little extra measure. Do you have a WOW moment - either demonstrated to one of your customers or one that you have experienced? What can we learn from that?

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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

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