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Blog Pick of the Week: P&G Shares Environmental Sustainability Scorecard

We spoke a few days ago about What is today in 100 years? The theme was about sustainability and adopting that strategy and practices into your procurement organization. Buyers Meeting Point has a motto of Learn, Share, Grow. Certainly as we do that with sustainability practices, we move as a whole faster to a better environment.

PGsustainabilitySpend Navigator had a discussion this week on P&G sharing their sustainability environment scorecard.

“We’re taking every step we can to help others make their supply chain more sustainable,” said Larry Loftus, director of purchases capability and strategy at P&G and lead designer of the scorecard. “We believe we have a useful process and tools and we want others to benefit from that.”

P&G developed this in 2010 and are sharing it with their rivals and the supplier community.  They are benefiting as well when suppliers collaborate and develop innovative ideas for sustainability.

Take a look at the scorecard. Do you have something similar? What have you utilized or is this something your organization can adopt? 

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Friday, 21 February 2020

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