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Blog Pick of the Week: Too Many Meetings

Blog Pick of the Week: Too Many Meetings

One or two days a month I have a day that has 9 meetings. Seriously? How am I supposed to be productive on a day like that? Or even if it is just a few meetings a day, when do we get to do REAL work?

Needless to say, the evening of my 9-meeting-days I am a zombie. And the day after is difficult to get back on track. That is why when I read this blog from the Smartbrief on Leadership, I wanted to share it with others. Six ways to get more out of meetings sounds like a great idea to me.

What this article is discussing is the benefits and strengths of building relationships while you are in all those meetings.  I already know that. But is that enough to call it a productive use of time? To quote the author:

"Meetings have the potential to be productive if we’re willing to shift our ideas to a broader definition of productivity. In addition to actionable items, a good meeting could increase trust among the participants, thereby promoting deeper relationships and more post-meeting connections and engagement."

That would suggest the benefit of growing collaboration among the associates is considered a worthy outcome of meetings in and of itself. I would agree with that. In the 9-meeting-days I referred to, we do come out more aligned in our activities and goals for the next few weeks which keeps everyone on track and on task.

One of the six ways that is discussed in the meeting space itself. I know we struggle in our large conference room with the set up of chairs and tables. We often will turn them into a different set up - horseshoe vs. classroom - and so on to make it more conducive to the topic at hand. That too seems obvious but it makes a big difference if you can see and hear each other.

What areas have you found helpful to have productive meetings? Do you have examples of ones that had actionalble items as well as positive outcomes on the 'softer' side such as relatonship building?

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Monday, 24 February 2020

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