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Blog Pick of the Week: Vanilla Ice Cream, Olympics and Quitting

In a few weeks, the Olympics will be on the World Stage in London. Everyone loves to watch the events and get caught up in the drama, the excitement and participating in the successes of the athletes. What was it that allowed those atheletes to be the best in their field and make it there? Some would say because they worked hard and did not quit. While that is true, the real story is that they did not quit the right things but they did quit the wrong things. 

vanilla-icecreamSo what does that have to do with your profession and vanilla ice cream? This blog by Seth Godin  talks about the majority of us that give up right before the finish line - because we don't know that we are that close. And by staying the course, you will be "the best in the world". The number one person/product is so much more highly compensated. The descrepancy is incredible! Vanilla ice cream is the #1 selling ice cream and is 4 times that of the next in line - chocolate. It pays to be # 1.

When you are negotiating with a supplier, do you find that you get to an agreement too soon? Do you conclude the business when there might be more on the table? Conversely do you keep working on projects or busy work that will not bring you to that finish line and you should quit. Knowing the difference and then ACTING on it will put you and your organization in a league of your own.

People are not lucky. They work hard and make the right decisions. The message given here is that it does not take that much more effort to differentiate yourself from the mediocre and become an Olympian of your own - of sorts anyway!

Has anyone read The Dip by Seth Godin? Did you find yourself putting in that little bit extra? Next time you eat a bowl of vanilla ice cream, think about how far it is between Number 1 and Number 2!

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Thursday, 17 October 2019

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