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Continuous Improvement in Procurement

Continuous Improvement in Procurement

I am not a fan of the term best practices. I mean who says it is really ‘best’ and there is always room for something better. I feel it is a little presumptuous to think YOUR way is the BEST way. I also think others can be offended by being told how to implement a best practice. However, there are ‘better’ practices that could improve your current situation. Some like to call it a process for continuous improvement.

When implementing an eprocurement solution, there are certainly areas to address that will make your implementation go smoothly. They can also have your associates adopt the new processes and technology faster.

The esourcing wiki this week addresses best practices. One that I like is to understand the reason for the change. If that is clearly communicated, early and often, it will go a long way to getting everyone on the same page. I think that is true of any task or project – why am I doing this? What good will it do for me or for the company? Getting that buy-in cannot be understated.

A second one that is key is to implement in phases. Oh boy, I am breaking out into a sweat thinking of an implementation that I did and used the ‘big bang theory’. Full scale implementation all at once. Big mistake and set us back many months. There are many nuances that are discovered as you do a planned and phased implementation. Learn from that, document and do better in the next phase.

What have you learned with projects like this? Do you have any ‘better practices’ that you realized as you went along?

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Monday, 24 February 2020

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