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Global business is everywhere you look

Global business is everywhere you look

We were on vacation a few years ago in San Francisco. As we sat on the beach, we could not get over how many container ships were arriving and passing under the Golden Gate Bridge. It was certainly a testimony to our global economy and how the business world is getting smaller all the time.

This week’s eSourcing Wiki article is: Intro to Global Trade.

It reviews a few areas to consider where using global sources for your products and materials. Certainly a big area of concern is how will the product get to its destination? How much will it cost and will it be too expensive? How many hands will it have to go through before it reaches your warehouse or your store? Will it get lost or damaged?

I found this information from Colgate on their Global Procurement Group called “The World of Care”.

The Global Procurement group is comprised of dedicated purchasing and logistics professionals from every division of Colgate-Palmolive: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Hill's Pet Nutrition. We are committed to global teamwork in everything we do.

Our purchasing initiatives have delivered significant cost savings year after year. We strive to develop relationships with suppliers which will help us exceed Colgate stakeholders' expectations for quality, cost effectiveness and innovation.

With operations in 100 countries and sales over $17B, they have had to work out the kinks of global procurement.

Have you had any experience importing goods from another country? What tricks can you share to make the process more efficient and effective? Do you find yourself sitting on a beach wondering what is in all those containers like we did?

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Sunday, 07 June 2020

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