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How to make the job easier

How to make the job easier

When we embark on a home improvement project, it is good to have all the appropriate tools and supplies. We inevitably are missing something or several things and that requires multiple trips to go procure them. It slows the process and adds expense. Alternatively, we have gotten too much of something which is a waste of funds and adds to the complexity when we want to dispose of the excess.

A measure of success is that these “parts” trips are fewer than what might have happened if we had not planned ahead. The same is true for service parts management. Procurement professionals succeed if the balance is achieved between having the parts available at the appropriate time.

This week’s esourcing Wiki article is Strategic Services Parts Management. It discusses the importance of having the proper inventory of parts in order to expedite repairs and service.

There are tools and technology which will enable the procurement professional to know where parts are and how to manage the inventory. It will help you to have visibility into your service network and the best approach to take care of the situation. There is also a scheduling component to allow you to you to find the right parts and technician for the project at hand.

Have you had any experience with parts management? Do you have a software tool to assist you with that? What have you learned as a key for limiting exposure and improving parts availability?

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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

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