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Improving the environment one bar of soap at a time

Improving the environment one bar of soap at a time

All hotels provide you with toiletries such as bar soap, shampoo, etc. For business travel, we are often only there for one or two nights. One area that has always bothered me is the waste for a basically brand new bar of soap which will be thrown out after just a few uses. It’s just a little thing but multiplied across many hotels, it exponentially becomes a huge issue. So how can we change that? What can we do to increase sustainability, one bar of soap at a time?

The hospitality industry has taken steps to reduce their soap and water usage by asking guests to hang up towels if they want to reuse them versus washing them every time. A great idea and very simple to implement.

These are the ideas and thoughts that organizations may overlook but it is how to take baby steps towards being more responsible to the environment and to future generations.

I saw this article by Mark Hedges on “Responsible business is for all business and here is how and why”. It has a section labeled “Jargon” that is similar to a dictionary and goes through and the terms and lingo. I found it very helpful.

The second section is “Why” and identifies some areas that reveal the benefits for businesses. Let’s face it, as much as we want to feel good about sustainable efforts, they also have to make sense financially.

The last section is the “How” and gives some basic steps and strategies on how to start. It emphasizes talking strategically and focusing on the outcomes. That will help direct the activities and set priorities.

Do you have anything that has been implemented recently like the ‘hang up your towel’ approach for hotels? How has it been received? Have you had something like the small bar of soap that is truly overlooked and can be a very large issue when multiplied across all the usage areas?

 Share your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting us @buyersmeetpoint. 

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Monday, 16 September 2019

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