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Perfecting the Recipe

Perfecting the Recipe


Our daughter is working on perfecting the recipe for cranberry jam. Some have walnuts, some with various spices and some just the original mixture of sweet and tart. In that quest, she is following the DMIAC problem solving methodology without realizing it.

Today’s eSourcing Wiki-Wednesday topic is DMAIC Methodology.

Design-Measure-Improve-Analyze-Control(DMAIC) – so how does that fit with perfecting the cranberry jam recipe? Here are two ways.

  1. 1.Define each process, step, inputs and outputs. She had perfected the length of time it takes, what the temperature should be, the containers to use and the freshness of the ingredients.
  2. 2.Provide controls to ensure sustainability of improvements. She is documenting the exact routine so she can make sure each jar is consistent in texture and flavor. In order to do this, she is writing the detailed instructions down. Documentation is critical to making improvements consistent and repeatable.

Last week we spoke about quality and referred to Julia Childs. The DMIAC portion of Six Sigma is the methodology to continuously improve the output to get to that quality product that is desired.

What have you used to improve and sustain those improvements? Was it through Six Sigma and DMIAC or a similar method? How are you ensuring that the “jam recipe” will be perfect every time?


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Sunday, 07 June 2020

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