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Playing the Telephone Game

Playing the Telephone Game

Many of us have played the telephone game as a child. You all sit in a circle. The first person whispers something into the next one’s ear. By the time it gets around the circle, the last person says what they heard. Almost always, it is completely different from the original statement.

This same thing can happen in the corporate world. When a service personnel gets dispatched to a work site, how can updates from the field and from dispatch happen real time? Will the message get conveyed clearly or misconstrued like in the telephone game?

This week’s esourcing Wiki article is Strategic Services Knowledge Management. It is discussing the importance of sharing knowledge across the organization and the ability to easily update service calls from both the field and headquarters.

I know many organizations use a software program that can help share the most up to date information about the case. A very popular software solution is Salesforce.

Do you have a technology solution in place? Was it difficult to implement the process? What lessons would you share about making that transition?

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Sunday, 05 April 2020

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