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Some Sourcing Experience Required

Some Sourcing Experience Required


Leadership that has “been there done that” and has earned their stripes can make a big impact.

This week’s esourcing Wiki-Wednesday is Sourcing Sensei Savor One: Experience. It emphasizes that hands-on experience is one of the key ingredients for a great sourcing sensei leader.

In many disciplines, it is critical that the executive team can relate to the team. I know no one would argue that is a necessity in something like technology and IT. They can speak the lingo and understand the challenges, obstacles and can offer support and solutions. Their leadership role is to make sure the team has the proper tools and resources. In order to do so effectively, they need to understand what is at hand.

I know in procurement, some of the specifications can be very technical in nature. The negotiation strategies can be intricate and the financial implications quite significant. If the leadership has examples of similar situations they encountered, it is extremely helpful. There are times when it might make sense to take a totally different tact. Just putting more time and resources on it may not be the proper approach.

What have you found in your procurement leadership? Does it make a difference if they have issued RFP’s, met with suppliers and worked through the contract process?


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Saturday, 06 June 2020

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