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Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable sourcing is a common theme in procurement today. Many organizations are looking to reduce their impact on the environment and shrink their carbon footprint.

Unilever is a well known organization with products like Dove soap, Lipton tea and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Their goal for 2020 is to have everything they source be 100% sustainable. They have cases where they have reduced the water usage in the fields and increased profits without any impact to product yield.

This week’s eSourcing Wiki article is An Introduction to Green Sourcing. It is beginning to discuss the merits of sustainable sourcing.

Have you noticed paper usage is way down? When you go to meetings or conferences, most everything is electronic and very little is in the form of brochures or handouts.

What has your organization done around sourcing from sustainable sources? Do you have a plan and can everyone in your organization articulate what that plan is? Do you have a goal like Unilever?

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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

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