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Team Building towards Success

Team Building towards Success

Everyone likes to be part of a championship team and feel like they had a part in winning the trophy. It takes a good ‘coach’ or leader in order for the team to get there.

This week’s esourcing Wiki-Wednesday is Sourcing Sensei Savor Three: Team Builder. It emphasizes that delivering a good customer experience is one of the key ingredients for a great sourcing sensei leader.

I worked for a start-up organization that had to assemble the team from scratch. The leader took talents from various areas such as IT, procurement, accounting and sales. The growth of resources was at an appropriate pace and the attitude was that no task was too big or too small to be done AND all resources were expected to do some of the small tasks. Just like everyone has to show up for practice in order to play in the game.

Another time, I was working with a volunteer organization and has a significant capital expenditure project. No one on the team had the experience to drive that fund raising. In that case, we brought in someone with the expertise to get the job done and teach us at the same time for future projects.

When you look around your organization, do you see your leadership moving the team to the next level in order to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow? How are they doing that? Training, communication or networking with those who have more experience?



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Monday, 11 November 2019

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