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The party is over, now let's get down to business

The party is over, now let's get down to business

A new year is upon us and many use that as a time to revitalize their goals and establish resolutions. Very common themes are losing weight, exercising more, paying off those bills and on it goes. As a procurement professional, another resolution could be to advance your career through strengthening your skill set.

Many organizations use the calendar year as their fiscal year so that would include a new budget to be measured against. In order to meet those demands, companies often evaluate if they have the right talent and resources to accomplish those goals.

When I was reading “The Implications of 2015’s Talent Vortex” by CPO Rising, it was during a big cold snap in our region. The wind chill was up to -50F or -45C. That is cold! Certainly not conducive to keeping that resolution about exercising more!

The article discusses three areas that will assist in closing the talent gap for procurement.

  • Improved collaboration between procurement and human resources
  • Focus on analytics to help understand the complexity of information
  • Blending of the technology tools available to best get to an answer

Organizations will state “Our employees are our most important asset” and that is still the case for 2015.

What are you doing in 2015 for a resolution? Are you caught in the Talent Vortex? How is your organization working collaboratively to select and retain their “most important assets?”

 Share your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting us @BuyersMeetPoint.

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Wednesday, 03 June 2020

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