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The weather and your supply chain

The weather and your supply chain

Mother Nature has shown her fury with the 7 feet of snow that has fallen on Buffalo, NY this past week. It is an epic storm that just kept dumping snow on the region. At one point there was 130 miles of highway shutdown for several days. There were tractor trailers stranded and many deliveries that did not occur. You can bet that many supply chains were impacted. Even when the roads did open up again, it was for essential vehicles only. Something tells me that your shipment was probably not considered essential to the National Guard.

Transportation of goods certainly needed modification with airports shut down for days and alternative routes had to be taken to bypass this area. That meant delays for sure in some instances.

We have been discussing supply chain risk management for the last few weeks. This article “Improving Supply Chain Resilience through Effective Risk Management by Enterra Solutions seemed timely.

The article has a grid rating 130 countries on their resilience with supply chain. The rating is from 0 to 100 with the highest rating with the strongest resilience. Norway rated 100 with Switzerland and Canada following close behind at 98 and 93 respectively. The lower end of the spectrum included countries from Africa and South America.

The key message in the article is to understand where the risks are and how a regional disaster such as the snow storm in Buffalo will impact your supply chain. Then you can put contingency plans in place.

Do you have your supply chain risk assessment updated? What are your areas of exposure and how would you manage to keep production moving and deliver on your commitments?

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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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