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Western Union and the Worlds most Networked Person

Last year Western Union celebrated their 160th anniversary. As a celebration, they picked the world's most networked person, a 26 year old from Portugal. It was based on the number of face book friends and their locations across 160 countries.

So how does that relate to procurement professionals? This week's esourcing wiki talks about the next generation sourcing. The matrix organization is becoming more the norm. It is highly recommended to put the procurement role in early with engineering and marketing. Waiting too late to pull in procurement limits flexbility and can result in higher costs into the product line.

I know more organizations are putting more emphasis in the role for procurement. They are expected to be commodity experts but also involved in product development and strategy discussions.


The next generation is also very networked and very comfortable with information and quick exchange of ideas.


What does your procurement organization do? Are you matrixed and networked? Have you found it to be more efficient and effective?


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Saturday, 22 February 2020

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