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"The Point" is written by BMP Editor Kelly Barner as well as a diverse group of guest contributors.

Making Your Procurement New Year's Resolution

There are (at most) twelve business days left in 2011. If you have a generous employer or some vacation time left, there are a lot less. There isn’t any time to waste if you want to make 2012 your year - professionally that is. January 1st is just a heartbeat away, and if you haven’t given thought to your goals for the year yet, now is the time. Below is a quote from a Next Level Purchasing Association white paper, titled "The Evolution & Future of Procurement & Procurement Skills" to give you something to think about. I'll also include Rosslyn Analytics' Five Predictions for Procurement and Supply Chain Executives in 2012.

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Kelly Barner
I'll be the first to offer up my professional new year's resolutions for 2012. I plan to read less, but give more thought and atte... Read More
Thursday, 15 December 2011 12:05
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