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"The Point" is written by BMP Editor Kelly Barner as well as a diverse group of guest contributors.

Reducing your carbon footprint with your morning cereal

We have a golf driving range near us that had gone out of business. They have now turned it into a solar farm with acres of solar panels. I am guessing it is more profitable than the driving range business was and certainly is a sustainability initiative.

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Guest — Kelly Barner
Great blog pick Cindy. What is particularly interesting about Kellogg's sustainability strategy is the emphasis it places on thei... Read More
Saturday, 16 August 2014 09:54
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Acting on concerns for our environment

When our children were old enough to stay home without a baby sitter, they would light up the house like a beacon. We could come home and I think every light was on in the house. It was their security blanket at the time. It made us smile. From a carbon footprint perspective, it was a BIG FOOT on those evenings.

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Why eat locally grown food

Many people prefer to purchase locally grown food for several reasons. They are supporting local businesses and reducing their carbon footprint at the same time.

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Sustainability in Transportation

Trucks use a lot of fuel and leave a large carbon footprint. Over the years, trucks have been designed to be lighter and more efficient to reduce their fuel usage and be less expensive to operate.

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Blog Pick of the Week: Everything is better with Chocolate

Growing up, we had limited opportunities for candy or chocolate. We could count on it on special occasions, holidays and vacations.  Every summer my grandparents would visit and take us to the candy aisle in the grocery store. We could buy a WHOLE BAG of candy - not just a single candy bar. Heavenly!! We always has a terrific visit with them - swimming, hiking and playing games. But the visit was ever so much better with the chocolate. A bonus of the whole thing was they often stayed two weeks so we got to repeat that joy in the candy aisle for two weeks!

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Blog Pick of the Week: Six Major Trends for AP in 2012

I have a lot of engineers and accountants in my family. Despite the profession's reputation, they can be a lot of fun ! That's why when I saw this blog, I had to read it and some of you may have passed it by. It has points that make you stop and think.

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