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"The Point" is written by BMP Editor Kelly Barner as well as a diverse group of guest contributors.

When is the Joke on YOU

Today is April Fools Day. This day of practical jokes goes back to the 1300’s. Everyone has a story to tell about the joke that they pulled off. If you look at Google Maps today, the image is turning into a Pacman game that you are trying to win instead of following the directions.

It is more fun to deliver the joke than receive it. We can be good sports and laugh it off but in reality, we may not have appreciated it at all. This can be the same in your professional life if you are not prepared when dealing with your suppliers or your customers.

This week’s article is from the salesman’s perspective. The account manager that comes in to visit the procurement lead does not want to appear a fool. Sales About has an overview of the five elements of sales. As a procurement professional, you can spot them in the good salesman and appreciate that they have come prepared.

History: Know the company that you are visiting. Taking the time to do this research will be worth it.

Expertise: Know your products line and what it can do for the customer.

Appearance: Look professional, organized and confident.

Readiness: Have the tools, listen and understand your customer’s needs.

Teachable: Be willing to learn and keep an open mind.

The article discusses using these approaches to increase your profits and your business.Have you utilized this in working with your customers? Have you been able to avoid feeling like a fool?

Share your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting us @BuyersMeetPoint.

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Book Review: Buying and Selling Information

Buying and Selling Information, by career salesperson Michael L. Gruenberg, is a guide to help buyers of information services (think subscription-based online databases). Beyond this very specific case, Gruenberg has good advice to offer buyers and sellers of any product or service. He is a salesperson who ‘gets it’ – or understands the need for buyers and sellers to work together for their mutual benefit, and for the benefit of their organizations. In his own words, “It’s all about equal footing, momentum, and success” (xviii).


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Flip Side Webinar Notes: Social Media Darwinism for Sales?

Last week I attended a webinar run by the TAS Group called ‘Enabling Social Enterprise Through Sales’. The focus of the event was to look at how much time sales professionals are spending on various social media sites and what kinds of activities they are engaged in.  If you are interested in experiencing the content for yourself, you can view the webinar on demand (registration required) or view the slides on slideshare (no registration).

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Blog Pick of the Week: Get that First Appointment

We have all had the persistent sales account manager who is contacting us multiple times weekly or even daily. That can be incredibly annoying. There is also the time that you answer the phone late in the day and wish you hadn't as someone goes into their sales pitch. Been there, done that!!

So what is it that opens the door for the sales person and the procurement professional is welcoming and thankful they did? How do they get that first appointment

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