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"The Point" is written by BMP Editor Kelly Barner as well as a diverse group of guest contributors.

Webinar Notes: RAGE Frameworks Real Time Intelligence for Supplier Risk

Editor's note: Buyers Meeting Point would like to thank partner and colleague Jeanette Jones of Cottrill Research for this week's webinar notes. The original posting can be viewed on the Cottrill blog. For our readers without a background in etymology or taxonomies, an ontology is the study of categories of bring as well as their interrelations. In a procurement context, this can most clearly be seen in spend analysis through the category structure and hierarchy used by the company to group and organize transactions.


There are many articles and reports about using Big Data for supplier risk, but there is still confusion about what Big Data is and how exactly one moves forward. Tom Fishburne at succinctly sums it up with this gem, “many companies struggle with small data, let alone big data.”


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Webinar Notes: Improving Supplier Risk Management in the Age of Big Data

“Risk management is not a purchasing initiative. It’s an initiative and philosophy that has to be embraced by the entire organization.”

-- Rose Kelly-Falls Senior VP Supply Chain Risk, Rapid Ratings and event panelist

This week’s webinar notes are from a February 13th webinar hosted by IASTA and featuring a panel of speakers. An on demand version of the event is available on their website.

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Webinar Notes: Big Trends and Predictions 2014

This week’s webinar notes are from a January 23rd event presented by Ardent Partners, and sponsored by Puridiom and BravoSolution. An on demand version of the event is available through Puridiom's site.

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Blog Pick of the Week: The Olympics and you

We are about to have two weeks of winter Olympic Games. This is a rare opportunity to see the world’s elite athletes compete and understand the sacrifice and work it took them to get there.

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Webinar Notes: Procurement in 2020 – Four Trends Shaping Our Future

This week’s webinar notes are from a December 2013 event presented by Coupa and with featured speakers from Deloitte and Blackstone Group. The event is available on demand on and if you are interested in the content, there are two Deloitte whitepapers you can download:

While the four trends defined by Deloitte’s John Mavriyannakis are new topics for procurement, he did offer some interesting updates, added to by practitioner commentary by Blackstone’s Scott Whitehill.

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Webinar Notes: Aberdeen Supply Chain Summit Post-Event Recap

In this week’s featured event, Bryan Ball and Bob Heaney, Abredeen research analysts, recapped the major findings from the 2013 Supply Chain Management Summit in Chicago. The event is available on demand, as are event highlights and approved presentations.

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Webinar Notes: From Good to Great....Global Sourcing Governance

This week’s featured webinar was hosted by Sourcing Interests Group and presented by Neo Group, a services firm focused on gaining efficiencies through low-cost country providers and outsourcing in general. The focus of the event was global sourcing governance, and how, when leveraged appropriately, it can help companies go ‘from good to great’.


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Procurement on YouTube: Handling Resource Scarcity

In this week’s Procurement on YouTube post, we are going to look at one source of supply risk and that is resource scarcity. As procurement professionals, we pride ourselves for our ability to buy quality goods and services at an efficient price. But what if the materials we need to buy are not available? In this video, Edmond Cunningham, a member of PA Consulting Group, gives a brief overview of the approaches companies make take when faced with resource scarcity.

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Lessons Learned Post-tsunami

Much of the news this week has been reviewing the events of a year ago when a tsunami hit Japan. Like most things of this nature, it seems impossible that a year has passed.  The rebuilding is a massive undertaking and will be years and decades in the making.

This event displayed the risk and exposure that so many companies have within their supply chain. With the globalization of businesses, events around the world can significantly impact operations and profits.

I found this article in Industry Week very appropriate as it discussed the risk and lessons learned over the past year. So many organizations have survived but not many really changed much in the interim. Those that are building a strategy have followed some of what is discussed in this article.

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