These organizations will help you identify, extract, and analyze your business data.

Bellwether Services
During these challenging times business and government leaders have a unique opportunity to analyze their company from the new normal perspective. Organizations seeking to take cost out of the business, green your supply chain, reduce your office carbon footprint, comply with new environmental policy, streamline the purchasing process, or verify supplier risk we are your partner.
Bluefin Solutions
Bluefin Solutions is a dynamic, global technology consultancy working with clients to achieve greater business performance by optimising SAP technology. The Bluefin 'Business performance with SAP' strategy underpins and builds on the company's consulting, technology and outsourcing expertise, to create sustainable value for customers and their stakeholders. Working with clients to understand their business objectives and challenges, Bluefin Solutions is a leading SAP business and technology consultancy with an established reputation for quality and excellence for its customer service, consultancy approach and delivery.
Endeca is a search applications company. The company was founded to deliver software that helps people make better daily decisions from large volumes of diverse and changing information.
HICX Solutions
HICX is the leader in providing Supply Base Management (SBM) technology and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions that help customers across the globe reduce costs and mitigate risks. Our integrated suite of technology solutions for Supplier Onboarding, Supplier Master Data Management, Supplier Management, Supplier Risk and Performance Scorecarding, Supplier Compliance, and Supplier Cockpit are successfully used by organizations across a wide range of industries.
IASTA, a Selectica Company, is dedicated to empowering sourcing and purchasing professionals. Our blend of acclaimed software and services focus on improving spend analysis, procurement intelligence, sourcing, contract management, and supplier lifecycle management. As part of the Selectica team, IASTA’s solutions play a critical role in optimizing business relationships by enhancing supply base insights, improving supplier collaboration and reducing the supply chain risks vital to today’s globally-minded enterprise.
IQ Navigator
Since 1999, IQNavigator has continuously pushed itself far beyond our celebrated VMS and MSP solutions. No other company has deciphered as many complex situations in managing extended workforce and services procurement. IQNavigator is the only company that covers the entire spectrum on its own software using proven services.
JVKellyGroup, Inc. provides cost reduction and risk mitigation solutions for some of the world’s largest organizations. By offering an integrated set of analytics, sourcing services and technology, JVKellyGroup helps ensure that a company’s spend is effectively analyzed, sourced, managed, and monitored.
PROACTIS is a leading provider of spend control and eProcurement solutions. Hundreds of organizations around the world use PROACTIS software and services to streamline the purchase-to-pay process and obtain best value and control in procurement.
Rosslyn Analytics
At Rosslyn Analytics, we’re building intelligent businesses. How? By enabling our clients to prepare, manage and serve data to their business users. But, not just any data. We’re talking smart, enriched, analytics ready data. With analytics ready data, decisions accelerate. Teams collaborate. People innovate. Businesses captivate.
Ryder Systems
Ryder Systems specialise in strategic data analysis and business intelligence. We provide companies the ability to extract and transform their data into meaningful insights to help identify, create & measure key business objectives.
Value Management System (VMS) is a strategic sourcing project and contract management platform specifically designed for managing strategic sourcing initiatives throughout the complete project and contract lifecycle. VMS is comprised of a number of modules each of which contains a variety of features and functionality enabling true end to end management of strategic sourcing contracts.

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