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WEBINAR: Cutting Through the Noise: A Pragmatic Look At Artificial Intelligence's Impact On Spend Management (Coupa, SIG)
Thursday 25 May 2017, 11:00am - 12:00pm
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"Artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” are popular buzzwords, but what do they specifically mean for spend management? During this webinar replay, we'll define the terms in plain English and give practical examples of how they are being used today. You'll leave with a good understanding of how AI and machine learning can transform data analysis and affect spend management initiatives, both now and in the future. Paddy Lawton will share real-world examples of how companies and individuals are using these techniques (and related ones, like hybrid machine learning and deep learning). 

Join Paddy Lawton, Founder of Spend360 now GM of Coupa Spend to learn:

>>Differences between artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning 

>>Machine learning principles (and how they differ from past techniques) 

>>Practical applications of machine learning in spend management 

>>Future trends


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