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WEBINAR: Measuring The Immeasurable:KPIs Have Been Replaced With QNVs (Quantified New Value) Find Out How To Create Them (BravoSolution)
Wednesday 11 October 2017, 02:30am - 03:30am
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This webinar will explore the new performance measurement dimension of procurement.

The traditional measures have served us well, but it’s time we moved on and showed our creativity and our credibility at the same time.

Previous webinars with Craig explored new sources of value and that begs the question ‘How do we measure new value’?

How do you measure the worth of an intangible benefit from a deal with a supplier?

Our old KPIs have been re-invented and Craig will share some proven examples of how you can measure what we once thought was impossible to measure.

Key Topics: 

  • Measuring the immeasurable.
  • Creating belief that the saving is a saving.
  • Creating belief that the benefit was a benefit.
  • A QNV for every benefit …to prove it’s real…especially the intangibles.