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WEBINAR: Creating a Competitive Advantage in Your Supply Chain: Benefits of Financial Health Beyond Evaluating Financial Risk (ISM, RapidRatings)
Wednesday 06 June 2018, 01:00pm - 02:00pm
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Do you know how to evaluate your company’s financial health to identify risk? 

Interested in knowing why your company’s financial health can reduce disruption in your supply chain? 

Almost every industry is prone to disruption, and disruption in any part of your supply chain could mean lost sales and a damaged brand reputation. Evaluating your company’s financial health can be a leading indicator for other risks, including performance, business continuity, and even cyber risk. Focusing on financial transparency can assist with finding the strongest partners that drive growth and build healthier business relationships. 

  • Hear how leading organizations have used financial health to partner with the strongest suppliers and leveraged their supply chains to build a competitive advantage.
  • Join Brian Sica in this webinar to understand the financial health of your supply chain and learn how you can mitigate the risk and strengthen your company’s ability to exercise innovation and agility.


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