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WEBINAR: Invoice Automation And Beyond: The New "Sophisticated" Tool For Finance (Zycus, Procurement Insights, Skanor Group)
Thursday 19 April 2018, 11:00am - 12:00pm
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LindBarner FinanceUnleashedFrontCover BMPBut there are other, more sophisticated ways CFOs can take advantage of procure-to-pay software to realize additional benefits, including improving cash flow, building up working capital, extending and managing credit, and performing analytics on spending." - Linda Rosencrance.

Reading the above excerpt from a recent article in Tech Target titled “Procure-to-pay software becoming a sophisticated tool for CFOs” brings to mind the bridge that traditionally separated procurement from finance. The new era of digital transformation and Rosencrance’s views confirm that the functional silos that limited internal enterprise collaboration no longer exist, paving the way for Finance to move beyond the simple automation of invoicing and purchasing. In this webinar, Procurement Insights' Jon Hansen and Skanor Group Co-Founder and CEO Magnus Lind will focus on how CFOs can leverage P2P technology to extend as well as manage credit more effectively.


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