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WEBINAR: The Trust Issue: How a World of Risk is Being Conquered through Trusted and Transparent Relationships (SIG, LexisNexis)
Thursday 29 November 2018, 01:00pm - 02:00pm
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What business concerns keep you awake at night? If ‘risk’ appears in your list, you aren’t alone. Your company’s reputation, and ultimately its success, depends on trust. Does your company have a trust strategy in place that can help you create a sustainable advantage within your third-party relationships?

Join risk expert Karen E. Gray as she takes a deeper look at today’s risk landscape and how companies can turn risk into an advantage. During this webinar she will dive into:

  • The ROI of Trust
  • What Trust can signify within your own organization and indicate in others
  • How companies can transform risk into a trust advantage

Tune into a vision of how building a culture of trust through transparency helps achieve real business value—as well as a means to a better world


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