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WEBINAR: The Case for One (Ad Asset) Supply Chain (ProcureCon)
Thursday 17 January 2019, 01:00pm - 02:00pm
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Thanks to the explosion of screens, devices and content platforms, it’s a world without borders for today’s marketers. Advertisers have more avenues for reaching their audiences, and more formats for telling their stories, than ever before. Without skipping a beat, advertisers are quickly and effectively capitalizing on all these new opportunities. The result is more ads in more shapes and sizes in more places.

How does all that creative actually get everywhere in our evolving and increasingly fragmented media market? It involves a highly complex workflow that is difficult to manage. 

Point solution stacks are buckling under the weight of media landscape complexity. Integrating inter-related asset workflow functions together in one seamless supply chain means you get to market faster and execute better.  Join our webinar and identify the quickest sourcing-marketing win-win you may be overlooking!

You’ll learn how: 

  • Ad creative workflow efficiency can be a competitive advantage
  • A single asset supply chain brings speed, efficiency and control to brand marketers
  • One execution platform for managing and deploying ad assets helps agency teams do their best work
  • AdBridge™ future-proofs operations for increasing complexity


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