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WEBINAR: AOP Live: Establishing Your Procurement AI Game Plan (Art of Procurement, Sievo)
Thursday 14 February 2019, 01:00pm - 02:00pm
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AOP Live February Featured Image

For all the ‘buzz’ about AI, it is really just an approach that brings together two elements that procurement is very familiar with: information and analytics. Add business objectives to the mix, and you are poised to benefit from what we think of as artificial intelligence.  

When we approach AI as technology only, or even as technology first, it not only makes it seem too abstract to be implemented, it also ignores the huge role that strategic thinkers and business leaders must play in its application. Without the definition and articulation of data-driven business objectives, even the smartest machine is just holding information and waiting for a query to be submitted. 

In this AOP Live session, we will talk about how to bring AI back to earth and put a game plan in place:  

  • From what to why – understanding your business case for AI
  • Learning from others - find case studies that are relevant to your business
  • Evaluate pilot-qualified providers in a way that balances the traditional sourcing process and the unique needs of this emerging category  

WARNING: This is not a sit back and tune out webinar!  

We encourage all registrants to ask questions in advance as well as during AOP Live. Those questions (along with the other input we receive) will become part of a post-event download available to everyone who attended.  


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