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Best Procurement and Supply Chain Webinars 5/23 - 27

Best Procurement and Supply Chain Webinars 5/23 - 27

There are a full dozen events taking place this week – with no repeats in the mix. If the three events below don’t catch your interest, there are plenty more in the calendar. Click on the title of each event below to view the full description in our events calendar and to connect to their registration pages.



CPO Rising 2016: The Art and Science of Procurement (Ardent Partners, SAP Ariba)

May 25th, 2pm ET

We got a sneak peek into the 2016 CPO Rising report back in March, and this week Ardent Partners will officially launch the full findings in this report. According to the event description, ““The Art and Science of Procurement” takes a penetrating look at procurement mastery in the age of innovation where today’s procurement leaders are those that can tap into both the right and left brain skill sets – matching hard quantitative analysis with insight and experience; developing robust, refined processes that are nonetheless fluid; focusing on agility and innovation while ensuring compliance and precision.”


Purchasing Can Have It All: How Collaborative Cost Processes Deliver Results and Build Alignment (APD)

May 26th, 10:30am ET

While a substantial portion of purchasing’s time is spent collecting, negotiating, and managing prices, it is the costs behind those prices that should be the primary focus of supplier discovery. There are all kinds of processes, overhead costs, labor expenses – and maybe even a little profit? – rolled together in the prices suppliers provide during the sourcing process. For purchasing to truly understand whether prices are competitive, and effectively bring spend under management, they have to dig into the costs themselves. In this webinar, APD will discuss the difference between market based purchasing and knowledge based purchasing, why purchasing teams don’t naturally collaborate with suppliers as often as they should, and what purchasing can do to simultaneously build a collaborative culture and deliver improved results.


Mastering Indirect Procurement- 5 Keys to Success (Zycus, SIG)

May 26th, 11:30am ET

You may think your indirect spend is as managed as it can be, but if you aren’t careful, maverick buying activity may be undermining all of the effort that went into contracting this spend. Unlike direct spend categories, indirect spend is far more likely to be managed in a distributed fashion…. Meaning that procurement needs to be more clever and more plugged in to make sure everything is going as planned. In this webinar, Bill Michels (CEO of Aripart Consulting and one of the nicest guys in procurement) will provide key insights into building a governance strategy, stakeholder engagement plan, team process, project management, and metrics for success.




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