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Recommended Webinars for November 13-17: 2018 Prepping, the Supplier Experience, the BIG Finance Procurement Panel


We may be approaching the end of the year (scary!!) but the webinar topics and speakers in our calendar show no signs of losing steam. This week we have three very forward-looking topics, one that literally looks at the year to come, one that considers the supplier experience, and one that may finally break the ice between procurement and finance. Click on the title of each recommended webinar below to view the full description and register.


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Procurement Planning for 2018 (BravoSolution) 

November 14th, 2pm ET

In this webinar Guy Allen, Managing Director of Real World Sourcing, will provide advice for how to make the most of what remains of 2017 and position procurement for early success in the new year. Key to success will be our ability to drive cross-functional engagement and establish (and commit to) ground-breaking objectives).


Panel: How Supplier Experience Can Define Procurement Success (Tradeshift)

November 15th, 2pm ET

I don’t usually include the webinars I am speaking in as part of my weekly recommendations, but in this case I must break with tradition because of my fabulous co-panelists: Dawn Tiura (CEO and President of SIG) and Joanna Martinez (Founder of Supply Chain Advisors, LLC). Based on the prep sessions we’ve had this discussion will focus on some unique points – what procurement can do to improve our working relationships with suppliers that generates significant benefit in return!


The Big Finance & Procurement Panel Discussion (Proactis)

November 16th, 10am ET

This is the webinar I’m most looking forward to this week (aside from my own of course!) The topic of alignment between procurement and finance is hardly new, but the panelists in this webinar are extremely promising: The Bank of EnglandScrewfix, H.M. Government of Gibraltar, Sopra Steria, and Four Seasons Health Care. In addition to their points of view, Proactis will share the results of recent research that shed additional light on how CFOs view procurement and what energy they currently invest in our objectives.






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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

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