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Webinar Recommendations for May 25 - 29, 2015: Robotic Process Automation, a Technology Business Case, and Supply Risk Maturity

There are quite a few events this week, even with the Memorial Day holiday on Monday in the U.S. Click on the title of each to connect to that event on our calendar and link to the registration page.


A Primer on Robotic Process Automation (Outsourcing Institute)

5/28, 12pm EDT

I don’t know much about robotic process automation, but I know enough to know that I need to know more. I first heard about it in an Outsourcing Institute webinar a couple of months ago. We’ve heard a lot of about outsourcing under a variety of new labels, and it makes sense that this would be an extension of that. Robotic process automation certainly sounds promising… whatever it is. Since I can’t explain it better than that, this is the event I will attend this week.


Building a Holistic Business Case for Procurement Technology (Selectica, Forrester)

5/28, 12pm EDT

If procurement struggles to demonstrate ROI based on shaky realized savings calculations and estimates, the challenge is that much more pressing to demonstrate ROI for the technologies we employ. In this event, Forrester Research Vice President Duncan Jones will talk through how to handle budgetary discussions as well as how eSourcing and eProcurement need to integrate with other broader solutions to have the desired impact. (Psst… if you can’t attend live, sign up anyway and they will send you an on demand link.)


Assessing Your Supply Risk Maturity to Enhance Overall Performance (Neo Group)

5/28, 2pm EDT

As supply chain risk stays high on the priority list of organizations in a variety of industries, you need more than a plan to be effective. You also need to know where your organization is on the path to maturity. This is even more important if you are already employing mature sourcing strategies (such as global or low cost country sourcing) that increase risks on their own. In this webinar we will learn more about Neo group’s Risk Maturity Matrix and the factors that determine where your organization would fall on it.

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