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How would you incorporate this feedback from a social media forum?

WWYDLogoAssume you are a procurement manager for a company named Devester Corporation.

Imagine that you are responsible for generating a list of alternative suppliers to consider for an important purchase for your company. Your company wants to purchase a new integration software that would facilitate seamless communication among all supplier-related databases and software. Several suppliers on the market sell this new software. Your company has previously purchased large-scale software platforms.

You went online to an online community forum in which purchasing peers in your industry share ideas. You posed a question to the group to ask their experience with this type of new software.

Several purchasing managers from the forum responded to your online question and said that one particular company who sells such products, Aulander Solutions, created more problems for their company than they solved, scoring a 3 out of 10 on their annual evaluation, with 6 being the company’s minimally accepted score.


Wake Forest is conducting research into the role of social media in procurement. Please take a few minutes to answer their questions. 

In appreciation for participation, we will enter the names of those purchasing professionals who complete and submit the survey into four separate drawings and donate $500, $250, $150 and $100 prizes to charities selected by the four winners.

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