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The Evolution of Procurement Reaches the Age of Automation

AdobeStock automationdiscussionThere will always be conversations within procurement that declare themselves ‘edgy’ or ‘progressive’. In truth, however, the determination is made – not in the opinion of the person making the statements – but by the responses they elicit from the audience. So much of procurement is a flow; from on-premise software to SaaS to the Cloud. From decentralized procurement to centers of excellence to Procurement-as-a-Service. The idea of progressive blurred lines often extends to the relationship between procurement and our technology as well, but maybe it is time to rethink our relationship with the adoption of new solutions – particularly in the face of increased automation.

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The Moveable Feast of Spend Management

AdobeStock elevatedfood

Spend management. No other topic in procurement has been discussed more without actually settling upon a concrete or consistent definition. The phrase doesn’t even have any particular intrinsic meaning. You take corporate spend (which is easy to define) and you manage it, which means… ?

Without definition, it is nearly impossible to know if an organization has a spend management program, let alone to know if they have a good one. Attempting to adopt an ‘all inclusive’ perspective on the phrase - i.e. not providing one definition of spend management in order to imply alignment with all perspectives on the phrase – waters down the potential impact and ensures that all investments in spend management are wasted. You can’t be all things to all people and still do a good job – more specificity is required if spend management is to be associated with successful execution and measurable results.

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Resolving the Technology Clash Between Procurement and IT

AdobeStock opposingIn today’s competitive business climate, technology allows companies to accomplish things that seemed like the stuff of science fiction just years ago. Data is accessible in real time, powerful analytics deliver actionable intelligence, and communications span the globe in an instant. The IT teams that implement and manage this technology hold business continuity and competitive advantage in their hands, and the procurement organizations put in place to evaluate solutions, negotiate terms and pricing, and manage solution provider relationships are highly skilled, strategic professionals.

If all of the above is true…

Why do IT and procurement seem to clash so often during new technology evaluations?

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ISM-New York Appoints Kelly Barner as the New Business Survey Chair for the Monthly Report on Business

ISM New York LogoNEW YORK AND BOSTON, AUGUST 2, 2016 – ISM-New York announced today that effective August 1st, Kelly Barner will become the Business Survey Chair for the ISM-New York Report on Business. She replaces Jonathan Basille who has held the position since 2007, and who will remain involved as a Senior Advisor.

Kelly Barner is the Owner and Editor of Buyers Meeting Point, a virtual information resource and blog serving the procurement and supply chain profession. She has worked in procurement as a practitioner, consultant, and independent blogger. She has been an advocate for the ISM-New York Report on Business, believing that strategic procurement is only possible with a wider understanding of economic conditions.

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