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(12/5/2014) Join The Ongoing Evolution of Sourcing and Supplier Management

plantevolutionIn case you hadn’t noticed, there has been a lot of discussion in procurement and supply management about the future. What will our profession look like in 2015, 2020, or 2030? While these discussions are intriguing and encourage us to keep pushing forward, they also allow us to forget that change is a gradual process rather than a flip of the switch. In order for the future to look significantly different than the present, there must already be seeds of change in the work we do today.


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(3/18/2014) Coupa INSPIRE ’14: Welcome to the New Age April 15-17 in San Francisco

The need for transformation is a high priority for many organizations and their Chief Procurement Officers. The challenge with transformation is that it can be as hard to define as it is to achieve. What procurement organizations are really looking for is something new: improved solutions, advanced methods, and most importantly, increased results. Finance and procurement professionals shouldn’t be any more willing to accept the status quo today than they were with the manual, paper-based, decentralized approaches of the past.

From April 15 - 17th, Coupa responds to the need for something new with their annual user conference: INSPIRE ’14 – Welcome to the New Age. Each one of their featured speakers has ushered in a new age in the organization they are a part of. From the public sector to private sector banking and manufacturing, and from around the globe, each of these speakers and their organizations saw the opportunity to make a change for the better and successfully executed their plans.

To join Coupa in San Francisco next month, click here.

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(3/11/2014) Mobile Apps as the Next Step for Procurement Solutions

When we look back through the evolution of procurement solutions, there are a few major milestones that stand out. In the very beginning, advanced solution providers revolutionized the function by supporting electronic purchase orders. Years later, the market went through the transition from the implementation of on-premise solutions to hosted models and then to delivery via the cloud.

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